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Customer Testimonials
“I think I might be developing a TajTune addiction.” - Jenny, Brooklyn, NY

“My boyfriend was extremely worried about his father going into surgery. I sent him a TajTune and it made his day. He laughed for the first time in weeks!” - Megan, Philadelphia, PA

"My assistant nearly peed in her pants." - Ali, Winston-Salem, NC

"I finally got the nerve to ask my hot physical therapist out via TajTunes… Thank you for making me a man! Oh... and she said Yes!!" - Joshua, Raleigh, NC

"TajTunes is the most original way to send a greeting the I have ever found. No one forgets it when you send them a TajTunes greeting. It's better than any flower bouquet and they talk about it for weeks. TajTunes is a true hit!" - Ali, Coeur D'Alene, ID

“At about the same cost as sending a card, TajTune calls are cheerful, unique alternatives. Everyone I've sent them to has been completely surprised and thanked me repeatedly.” - Karen, New York, NY

"You have the best customer support I have ever experienced, no exaggeration. A great experience!" - Andrew, Waltham, MA

"Fantastic way to bamboozle your friends and family. So very nice!" - Andy, Denver, CO

"It's a lot of Bangalore for your buck!" - HM, Santa Fe, NM

"I'm always looking for unique gifts that won't end up in the re-gift pile or the trash. My friends were delighted to get the phone calls. One friend said she almost ran off the road she was laughing so hard. It's unique and inexpensive gift - with very low carbon footprint!” - Susan, Atlanta, GA

“TajTunes is a fun and unique way to say, 'Hey! I'm thinking about you!' It's more creative than just sending an email and more personalized than sending flowers.” - Liz, Boston, MA

“Outsourcing at its best! The whole idea and not just the message makes everyone, recipient and sender, a little happier.” - Richard, Charlotte, NC

“Sending a TajTune is a great unique gift for the person who is hard to buy for, has everything, and has a great sense of humor. I loved having it saved in an e-mail so we could listen to it over and over again!“ - Danielle, Houston, TX

"Absolutely hilarious!" - Juliana, Birmingham, AL

"TajTunes is terrific! All my friends and family who have recieved calls have been hysterically delighted." - Susan, Boston, MA

"TajTunes is the ultimate outsourcing experience!” - Bruno, New York, NY

"Everyone who's received a TajTune from me has raved about how fun it was. You should see how happy all of the recipients have been!" - Melanie, Los Angeles, CA
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