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Guide to Comparing Singing Telegram Companies
What is a Singing Telegram?

The first singing telegram service was offered way back in 1933. Back then, few people even had telephones, so most singing telegrams were delivered in person. It was a way of delivering messages to others in a fun and light-hearted way, during a time when most telegrams were used to deliver sad and tragic news. Since then, singing telegrams continue to be an entertaining way to deliver customized messages to friends and family, either in person or over the phone. Imagine the surprise of your friends/family when someone shows up at their door, dressed in costume, singing a personalized song that you customized, just for them! Singing telegrams delivered over the phone, also called phonegrams, can be delivered recorded or live, and offer a similar entertainment value to both the sender and the receiver.

How should I decide between different singing telegram services?

Here’s a roundup of all the factors you might want to take into consideration when choosing which singing telegram service to go for:

How easy is it to place an order?

Different singing telegram services have different ways of taking orders, which means some are easier than others to order. Of course, sometimes easier does not necessarily mean better! Ultimately, it depends on your preferences and style. Most likely, you’ll want to go with a service that allows you to hear or see samples of songs before you buy. Certain information will need to be filled out for almost all services, like your basic contact information, the recipient’s contact information for delivery of the gram, and your customized message. You may find different levels of customization, which will require you to come up with all of a customized message, or only parts of it, or maybe you will only need to choose from a list of options. The most time-intensive services will require you to fill out an order form, with information about your order, then wait for a call back from a live agent who will finalize the order after discussing your needs and preferences over the phone. The easiest services will allow you to complete an order from start to finish with just a few clicks of your mouse!

How will my chosen recipient receive the singing telegram, and will it inconvenience them?

When ordering your singing telegram, you might also want to think about your recipient. As you’ve read above, some singing telegrams are live entertainment, meaning that a person or group of people will physically go to your recipient and sing a song or message to them. Now put yourself in your recipient’s shoes for a minute. Would your recipient enjoy opening their front door and finding a group of costumed people singing a fun, catchy tune to them? Or what if the same costumed people showed up at their workplace, and sang to them in front of all their coworkers? Think about your recipient and what they may enjoy the most! On the flip side, a phonegram requires that the recipient only have access to a telephone, which most people do these days. That’s pretty easy for the recipient to receive the singing telegram! You will probably want to make sure you can choose what time the phonegram will be delivered. Wouldn’t it be terrible for your recipient if they are called too early in the morning, or too late at night? And what if the recipient doesn’t answer the phone? Will the telegram be sung into an answering machine? On that note, you might also want to think about whether the telegram will be recorded so that the recipient (and you!) can re-live the entertainment over and over again. With live, in-person telegrams, it may be harder to record the recipient’s reaction, unless the service also provides video recording of the in-person telegram. With the wide use of e-mail these days, some services will also offer “singing e-mails,” which is essentially the same as a phonegram, just over e-mail.

How much do you want to wow the recipient?

Part of the fun of singing telegrams is that they are a really unique experience! Part of the fun is considering the “WOW!” factor. How much do you want to impress and amaze the recipient? The biggest WOW! factor may be an in-person delivery, and in front of a group of friends or coworkers. An in-person delivery in front of strangers may also be dazzling. Everyone around the recipient will think, “WOW! That person must be SUPER loved and SO SPECIAL, to have someone send them such a BIG greeting!” On the other end of the spectrum is a phonegram that is delivered over the phone, and left on an answering machine because the recipient weren’t able to answer their phone at the moment. Even if the message was recorded, you as the sender would never even get to see the recipient’s reaction when they heard the message. Another piece of the puzzle that will contribute to the WOW! factor is the degree of customization of the song. If the song is a tried and true, age-old tune that we’ve all heard before, and the only customization is the recipient’s name, then you are on the low end of the WOW! factor. But if the entire song was totally customized to the recipient, is a completely unique song, and is also an incredibly catchy tune that the recipient will be humming all day long, then you’ll have really WOW’ed your audience!

How much would you like to spend?

The final consideration would be how much you want to spend, and how much you can spend. Prices for singing telegrams can range from as low as $5 for a simple phonegram and basic customization, up to $300 for a live, in-person, totally customized singing telegram service, complete with costumed actors who will dance while they sing!

Where is your recipient, and where is the service?

Geographic coverage of the service and the geographic location of your recipient will need to be considered. Some services are regionally based and will only serve a local, regional area. This is mostly true of in-person services. Most phone-based singing telegram services can cover larger areas, but some may still be limited to only certain area codes, or only certain countries.

Singing Telegram Comparison Chart

The chart below gives you a quick and easy comparison of some of the different singing telegram services available online. We listed each company’s prices, marked whether they have in-person or phonegram service, and where they serve.

Company Location Price for Phonegram Price for In-Person Delivery In-Person Delivery Coverage
TajTunes (link) Boston and India $4.99 - $6.99
Songsender (link) Delray Beach, FL $9.95
American Singing Telegrams (link) New York, NY $29-$39 $159+ Nationwide
Classic Singing Telegram(link) Philadelphia, PA $45 $395+ Philadelphia, NJ, and DE
Artistic Entertainment USA (link) Southern California $50 Call for Pricing Nationwide
Singing Telegram Company of Denver (link) Denver, CO $75-150 Denver Area
Celebrations Entertainment Services (link) Dayton, OH $99+ Ohio Area
Johnny Rose Entertainment (link) St. Louis, MO $125-185 St. Louis region
Preppy Grams (link) New York, NY $129 NY Metro Area
Ba Ba Loons (link) Northern California $200+ Northern California
I Luv a Party (link) CT, NJ, NY Call for Pricing CT, NJ, NY
Eastern Onion Singing Telegrams (link) San Francisco, CA Call for Pricing Northern California
Tin Can Telegram (link) San Francisco, CA Call for Pricing Northern California
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