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For Mom: My Mama
For Mom: My Mama
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Listen to "My Mama"


Yeah yeah, uh, what!?
This one goes out to my mother
Yeah yeah, uh, what?!
I said, this one's for my mother

Check it!

My mama's so cool
When she wears green you think she's a cucumber
My mama's so bright
You need sunglasses when you take a look at her
My mama's so sweet
You can get a toothache straight from her cookin'
My mama's so pretty
Roses get jealous 'cause she's just so good lookin'

Oh! word to my mother
Straight up, there ain't no other
Mad props to her 'cause she got skills
Gotta give it up for my mother, forrealz

M to the O to the M-M-Y
That spells love that's supafly
M to the O to the M-M-Y
Happy mother's day, ma
Hope I made you smile!

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